Hospital Information System

Hardware, software, engineering, and manufacturing system that collects and processes data in the field of health care.

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"One-stop" software solution

A web application that lets government authorities conduct administrative procedures and interact internally within the shared information space when performing “one-stop” procedures. At the core of this software solution lies the description of business logic of administrative procedures performed by government authorities and other agencies dealing with public requests for certificates and other documents including inquiries to other government agencies.

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Industrial control system for an assembly line

ICS hardware-software complex is developed for controlling overhead push-carrying conveyors that transport the major component parts and various modifications of assembly units (transmissions, cabins, wheels) in the required order set according to the assembly order of corresponding vehicle models.

Utility metering system

System for improving accuracy in utility metering, supervising heat and electric energy consumption compliance, prompt responding to changes in utility costs, improving accuracy in building utility consumption statistics, automating maintenance of all energy utilities of the company.

Corporate monitoring software for transport crossing the border

The system automates data processing for transport and goods crossing the state border throughout the different stages of legal procedures. It registers the data necessary for international haulage; keeps immediate track of the registered data relating to international haulage; monitors compliance with laws and international agreements related to international haulage; creates reports.

Online learning courses

“Coach” software is designed for arranging online learning courses. The system provides a variety of teaching forms and methods the combination of which creates a powerful learning environment both for students in educational institutions and for employees within company premises. The learning process is based on self-education with constant progress control, check tests and assignments, answers to specific questions.

Managing tender procurement processes

This integrated system is meant for automating business processes in tender-based procurement of goods, works and services.