B Soft Laboratory

Our company focuses on developing both our own and custom software products and providing consulting services in information technology. We offer a range of services related to integrated automation of managing, administrative, engineering, and manufacturing processes across an enterprise, company or organization of any form of ownership.

Hi-Tech Park resident
Infopark member
Over 15 years of experience
Quality management system complies with ISO 9001-2015

B Soft Laboratory offers a full range of integrated services such as development and implementation of ready-to-use software solutions and warranty and post-warranty technical support. We provide personalized customer service to each of our clients, demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, guarantee high-quality performance and on-time work delivery.

We engineer, develop, and implement software solutions for:

  • integrated healthcare delivery systems,
  • government office automation systems,
  • e-catalogs and e-commerce solutions,
  • office and customer relationship automation systems,
  • automated process control systems,
  • automated industrial management systems.

There is an ongoing demonstration site based at our office. It runs fully functioning software developed by our company, gives a visual demonstration of our products, and provides live environment for simulating different tasks that might be of interest to our customers.

All work is performed by highly qualified professionals who undergo regular technical training sessions, take part in T&E activities, pass all the required certification, and have expert skills in the application domain. The company holds all the necessary licenses.

The approach to software design and development used at B Soft Laboratory encapsulates all the best software engineering practices, including iterative development, full compliance with customers’ requirements, constant quality control, and change management. This approach guarantees delivery of high quality digital solutions that meet end customer needs and expectations within a predictable schedule and budget.

Quite a number of companies and organizations have been successfully using our software-based solutions for several years already, which can be confirmed by positive feedback from our customers. It endorses the right choice of our methods and high quality of our solutions that are regularly updated using the cutting-edge technologies and platforms.

Quality management system for software design, development, and technical support performed by B Soft Laboratory has been certified by the National conformance evaluation authority of the Republic of Belarus and complies with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015. 

Atlant, Minsk refrigerator plant
Naftan, Novopolotsk oil refinery
Minsk automobile plant
Belarusian Steel Works
OAO Grodno Azot
Minsk Mechanical Works named after S. I. Vavilov
Over 100 customers