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B Soft Laboratory Quality Management System ensures non-stop management of all activities that affect the quality of the produced products and rendered services, it also guarantees that the goods and services meet the specified requirements, and all activities of B Soft Laboratory lead to high-quality execution of the contracts signed both with the clients, and suppliers. The System is focused on prevention of nonconformities, and on efficient and immediate elimination of the found nonconformities. B Soft Laboratory Quality Management System manages all stages and processes of the activities of the organization: from preliminary checking of the customer requirements regarding quality of products and services and to complete execution of the set requirements. All processes of the organization are identified, and the Management Responsibility Matrix distributes all processes' duties among the managers of B Soft Laboratory. The requirements related to the quality of products and services are specified in the documents of B Soft Laboratory Quality Management System.

B Soft Laboratory has adopted its Quality Policy, set measured quality targets both on the organizational level, and on the level of processes and departments of B Soft Laboratory.

To ensure customer satisfaction, customer focus, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making, and mutually beneficial supplier relationships, the Quality Management Officer of B Soft Laboratory has specified his direct hot-line contact details on the web-site of B Soft Laboratory for any customers, employees or suppliers to be able to escalate their claims or vision of B Soft Laboratory's performance, quality, human relations, attitude, etc. to the top management of B Soft Laboratory for immediate action to take place.

The strategic objective of B Soft Laboratory is to continually improve its activities to benefit all interested parties.

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