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Municipal Services Automation System "Municipal payment"

The Municipal Services Automation System "Municipal payment" (AS "Municipal payment") is a large proprietary software development of B Soft Laboratory. The system makes complex calculation of the public utilities' bills and expenses, on-line processing, accounting, data accumulation related to payments transferred by the lodgers and house owners, documentation and data mapping, generation and issuing of managerial, technological and accounting documents related to settlement of accounts with the public utilities' suppliers. AS "Municipal payment" is now successfully supporting Minsk City with its 1.5 million inhabitants, and hundreds of thousands of other citizens residing in other regions and cities of Belarus.

The system secures:

  • user-specific rights to access information;
  • calculation of charges for every personal account (including rates and privileges for all range of services);
  • personified storage of information about citizens, who have privileged public utilities' charges, and calculation of the privileged charges;
  • calculation of expenses for every category of the privileged citizens as individual services are concerned;
  • calculation of charges for public utilities if individual or community meters are installed;
  • recalculation of charges if the rates and tariffs for public utilities change (group recalculations for city districts, streets, houses);
  • recalculation of charges is public utilities are undersupplied or if they do not meet the standards (group recalculations for city districts, streets, houses);
  • on-line inclusion of other services and utility charges into payment processing without additional changes in the processing technology;
  • calculation and /or discounting of compensations for the socially exposed population groups;
  • on-line registration the checks cashed, and money distribution between the public utilities' suppliers;
  • monthly issuing of the unified bar-coded invoices;
  • uploading and propagation of data in Intranet/Internet.

AS "Municipal payment" has been developed by B Soft Laboratory according to the order of the Main Housing & Communal Services Administration of Minsk City. The system has been successfully implemented, and now it is being used in all nine districts of Minsk City. At that, the system serves over 545 thousand personal accounts, and over 1.5m city citizens. AS "Municipal payment" has been successfully implemented in a number of other cities of Belarus

AS "Municipal payment" is a replicated software product. It has been certified by Oracle as ASFU (Application Specific Full Use License). AS "Municipal payment" has the client-server architecture, and Oracle 9i is the database management system.

AS "Municipal payment" can work both as a core system and as a distributed system. To secure data exchange between servers, SYNCHRONIZATION module is used - a proprietary development from B Soft Laboratory based on Oracle database management. This module lets exchange data between remote Oracle servers, at that the communication can be unstable. The data is synchronized in two modes: automatic mode (if the communication between servers is permanent) or batch mode (if communication is unstable, has poor bandwidth, or if there's no communication at all). There are 11 Oracle servers running in Minsk City as a common system: one is the central city server, and 10 other servers are second-layer district servers (automatic mode). AS "Municipal payment" runs on 6 servers: one is the central city server, and 5 other servers are second-layer servers (batch mode).

Digital health case history

Digital health case history (eDoctor)
Project scale: national
The project covers all branches of the Health Care Ministry of the Republic of Belarus

icon BSoftLab_eDoctor_english_.pdf

Content of the project:
Special software applications have been developed and implemented to keep the digital health case history. Today the project is implemented at the Republican Hospital Government Institution (Belarus President Administration), and at the Pinsk Children Rehabilitation Diagnostic Center. The project is getting ready to be implemented at the largest health-care institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

Project implementation effect:

  • quality improvement of the treatment-and-diagnostic service of population due to immediate access to data;
  • possibility of remote access to the case history data of the patient from any health-care institution;
  • collection, processing and analysis of the medical statistics on a national scale.

common city database (city population, charges, privileges, public utilities' payments);

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