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The fields of professional competency, scopes of activities and replicated software solutions of B SOFT LABORATORY, CJSC

Strategical consulting and development

  • Strategical consulting and development in the field of information technologies application for all economy brunches Elaboration of conception of creation and development of complex information enterprise systems, technical and economical assessment of integration (development) of information systems;
  • Designing of complex information systems architecture, development and actualization planning;
  • Analysis of effectiveness of used automation tools (audit of existing information systems) and elaboration of recommendations on optimization of information systems and their components application, reorganization of industrial and business processes at enterprise level;
  • Assessment of expediency, designing, development and integration of information-analytical systems;
  • Forming of requirements towards corporate information systems on base of elaborated strategies of enterprises development;
  • Recommendations on choice of software platforms and tools for automation of enterprise business needs (systems of ERP, CRM, B2B, B2C, SCM, SEM, PLM, BIW classes);
  • Problem solving on securing unified information environment for team works of enterprise employees (e-mail, portals and integration projects);
  • Problem solving on securing enterprise manageability (the system of strategy realization management based on KPI - Key Performance Indicators, report systems and analytical systems);
  • Problem solving on securing effective purchasing management with the purpose cost minimization (tender purchases using Internet technologies);
  • Development of web-representatives and information portals;
  • Development of integration solutions on base of Service-Oriented Architecture, Web-services, Enterprise Service Bus.

Development for Transport and Power engineering

  • Automation control systems of energy resources consumption (electrical energy, oil, vapor, water and others);
  • Automation system of preparation and realization of bid purchases (eProcurement);
  • Automation system of technical maintenance planning and equipment repair work planning;
  • Automation systems of collection and forming corporate reports;
  • Automation system of control of displacement of transport means through the state frontier of the Republic of Belarus.

Development for Public Health Services

  • Automated hospital information system "eDoctor".

Development for State sector

  • Automation system of preparation and realization of bid purchases (eProcurement);
  • Automation systems of collection and forming corporate reports.

Development for Housing and Communal Services

  • Automation distributed system of charges for housing and communal services "Utility bills";
  • Automation control systems of energy resources consumption (electrical energy, water, vapor and other).

Information analytical systems

The activity of our company is targeted to real support rendered to clients at all stages of creation of the information systems, from consulting, selection of the software complex, training of end-users and up to the launch of the systems and support of the systems after their implementation.

Decision Making Support Systems

Decision Making Support Systems (DMSS) allows to provide efficient information support to management decision making, to analyze current and future financial, social-economical conditions of the site under research (field, region, enterprise, bank, etc.). This wide term determines the process to convert data into information and into the knowledge to support making of the right decisions. DMSS are focused on the top management of the companies, enterprises and organizations, ministries and bodies, which are responsible for general analysis of activities and for making strategic decisions as well as for managers who make managerial decisions on the tactics level, and who are responsible for preparing of internal and external reports.

Data warehouses are created specifically for the decision making support applications, and they represent time-accumulated summary data and consolidated data, which are more suitable for analysis rather than individual records.

Internet solutions and corporate portals

The solutions offered by B Soft Laboratory help create a complete range of Internet technology solutions, from usual web-site-offices in Internet up to corporate portals. The portal units all information resources of the organization (applications, databases and data warehouses, analytical systems, etc.), and by using the web-interface the portal gives its users a common secured access to corporate and external information. Merging of the information resources of the organization into a portal lets fundamentally change the way corporate documents and information systems are operated.

Industrial automation

B Soft Laboratory offers everything necessary for creating complex automated process control systems (APCS) of industrial and special purposes using the latest software of management, control and data collection. The company has an opportunity to deliver, install and support a wide range of industrial and special software.

B Soft Laboratory analyzes the existing automation systems of the customer and finds optimal solutions. Orientation to open, module compatible, corresponding to the international standards technologies allows to develop APCS of different directivity and complexity on the basis of both centralized and distributed systems and also to create local automated systems.

B Soft Laboratory supplies of special software for:

  • real-time operating systems;
  • built-in operating systems;
  • systems of end-to-end programming of PLC controllers;
  • SCADA-systems, etc.
  • perspective own developments.

Our company realize development and creation of:

  • automated systems of complex energy supply accounting;
  • systems of supervisory control and management on the basis of SCADA-systems;
  • systems of automatic process control and management;
  • complex projects on the basis of open industrial standards and technologies with integration into a higher level of corporate network.

When realizing the projects we are inviting if necessary PhD and Doctors of Sciences as the consultants, having specific brunch experience and knowledge;

We rely on industry-leading standards in Project Management, Software Development and Implementation, set by Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SUN Microsystems and other IT-vendors. Use of particular methodology on the project is determined by the adopted development platform and software development tools.

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