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Dear Colleagues!

B Soft Laboratory is a dynamically developing company. Starting from 2004 our company has been operating in the business of information technologies and services. Today B Soft Laboratory is one of the leading software development and IT-consulting companyes in the Republic of Belarus. 

B Soft Laboratory recognizes that part of being a leading  and respected business is being socially responsible. We are dedicated and committed to taking the responsibility to do the right thing for our customers, employees, the environment, and the communities where we live and work. We are a company of integrity and standards. We traditionally build and develop our relationship with the clients on the basis of understanding the tasks and wishes of the Customer.

From  the beginning, we offered outsourcing services based on our expertise in modern computing technologies like J2EE and .Net. The extensive experience of B Soft Laboratory enables us to offer proficient architectural competences to create excellent technological solutions. Steadily expanding into new markets, B Soft Laboratory’s unsurpassed expertise allows us to realize large and complex projects using multiple technologies,  far beyond the simple software solutions. Our skills and expertise guarantee the productivity of our developments, which translates into unparalleled cost efficiency.

When entering into discussions with new customers, B Soft Laboratory’s brings in solid expertise from various industries and business areas, which ultimately reduce development time and cost for the client.

Furthermore, our customers may rely on the fact that many of B Soft Laboratory’s specialists were trained and certified by Oracle, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and  other world-famous IT vendors. Those specialists can be involved in outsourcing projects and brought into a project at any stage as a value-added benefit.

Accumulated experience in the implementation of projects allow us to achieve high effectiveness and successfully compete in the timeframe of the works performance, as well as in prices.

We are always open to business partnership and long-term relationships to the mutual benefit of the parties

You are welcome to become our permanent client and friend.
B Soft Laboratory management.

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